The Constitution:

My Ideology will always support inalienable rights over laws and the right to express our many freedoms as Americans. This is the foundation of the Constitution; having the right to choose freely. I will always say yes to keeping equal opportunities for everyone and I believe this will keep us the land of the free, and home of the American dream.


Better Business:

If you take a moment to ask yourself why businesses are leaving the United States, one can come up with a plurality of reasons. In recent years we have become the country that no longer has open arms to businesses. In most instances it’s better to be the consumer rather than the manufacturer.


I say we can have both and stay the strongest country by being more business friendly, and levy appropriate taxation.  Owning multiple small businesses, I learned firsthand some of these challenges; between payroll taxes at 25% for every one-hundred dollars paid due to Workman’s Compensation and insurance rates.  The liabilities alone contributed to an environment near impossible for the businesses to efficiently operate day-to-day.


I believe for the future of America, that we must become a country that we once were by having an open mind and open arms to helping protect the businesses that employ our great Americans. This is where we will start to improving the lives of not only the middle class but all Americans.



While visiting my wife’s hometown in Illinois I was able to see first-hand the negative effect high taxes can affect business in a small town.   Seeing the old warehouses & abandoned building that were once home to a thriving economy and booming town. Once a business-friendly state, now taxing their businesses at such a high rate it is negatively impacting

how businesses are being ran. People are being forced to relocate due to grossly better opportunities elsewhere, which is causing some small towns to take down their population signs because the conditions no longer exist for a small family to make ends meet.  In America, with the entrepreneurial spirit and the American dream, government should be a springboard to help people achieve these dreams.  Instead it causes people to leave their hometowns, the only places they have ever lived with their families due to insufficient employment opportunities. 



Let me be clear, I am very much in favor of the EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) system.  I honestly believe it helps many Americans make it to the end of the week. It is a needed safety net that we can help our fellow Americans with. However, I have personally witnessed where EBT was abused in many ways.  As a hard-working taxpayer it was difficult to watch. I have witnessed cards being used at gas stations for candy and soda.  There are even people who sell their EBT benefits for a percentage on the dollar, so they are able to receive cash to spend on other things. Economically, my plan will help families all over America tremendously, by only using their EBT cards at Grocery stores, on approved healthy options.


Education - Children are Our Future:

As a supporter of youth and education which we all should as our future depends on it. To keep America strong, better education must be one of our primary focuses. The challenges that our school systems and teachers face in the near future must be addressed. The education system is beginning to fail as the government and lawyers are starting to make education a liability. Our teachers and staff are being limited on what they can do and offer the children, we are not setting our children up for success after graduation.


Infrastructure Industries:

One of the main reasons why I am running, no more FET tax (Federal Excise Tax). This tax charges 12% when purchasing any truck weighing over 26,000 pounds. This is keeping business from buying new trucks and leaving the older less environmentally trucks on the road. Getting new trucks on the road will help the environment tremendously by lowering the fuel emissions; because of DEF fluid (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) for the exhaust systems. We also have to get heavy equipment loans to extend the life expectancy from 5 years to 10 years, this will allow cheaper monthly payments and allow small businesses to get much-needed loans to operate. I have plans to also help improve the welding and laser cutting industries.

Life Saving Drugs:

More Americans are being diagnosed with diabetes than ever before. Insulin is a very important drug that’s been around since the early 1920’s. read more


We have to demand more from our leaders. They must do more about making life saving drugs more affordable for the average American. A self-employed American with diabetes has a right to have an affordable healthcare plan.  


We must implement waypoints to make necessary life changing drugs more affordable. If we can make freelance research more affordable and have more competition this will allow life saving drugs to drop tremendously.


Elite Tax 5%

2% will go to the federal government and 2% will go to the state you live in. If your Benefiting From the Federal government, colleges, Hollywood and the music industry, You will be paying this elite tax. The Medical Industry will be safe under this tax.