Hi, I'm Aaron

“I feel like I was born to work for the people of Florida,” says Aaron Joseph Licciardello. Just call him Aaron Joseph. As a teenager, Aaron Joseph started his first business, and many accomplishments later, he feels compelled to offer his ambitious experience to the 11th District of the people of Florida.


Born a Yankee and raised a Southerner, a graduate of Belleview High School in Marion County, Aaron understands and cherishes what it means to be an American. He firmly believes the immense privilege it would be to represent Florida’s 11th Congressional District.

“With all due respect to those who have served before me, it is now time for a new generation to step up,” Aaron said.

“I am not a lawyer. I am not a politician. I did not go to an Ivy League school. I did not grow up with a silver spoon. I do not have all the answers or know all the solutions. We should be skeptical of those that claim they are all knowing. I am a real person, seeking real change. I am a business minded person who has learned from my experiences and want to help the hard-working people of my district to succeed. As a believer in this exceptional country and this state, I feel that faith and hard work can move mountains.”

He wants to hear from you. What are your deepest concerns? Email Aaron.

“I want you to keep your money in your bank account,” Aaron says. “These are my three main focal points:

  • Keep taxes low

  • Protect & preserve Medicare

  • Remove regulations from small businesses

Aaron and his wife, Mary, attend Weirsdale Presbyterian Church and enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle and schedule. Mary has her own list of accomplishments and is just a year away from receiving her doctoral degree in family community care and counseling from Liberty University. While finishing up her degree, she also maintains employment as a dental hygienist.

Since the late 1980’s, Aaron has lived in Florida; first in Pedro, when his family moved there from Woodstown, New Jersey. Aaron was raised surrounded by a large family of small business owners.  He was taught at a young age what it means to work from sunup to sundown and how to tackle every kind of adversity.

That hard-won work ethic, coupled with his irrepressible & contagious can-do spirit, paved the way for Aaron to start his first company at the relatively young age of nineteen. Quality Counts Stucco was a plastering company he owned and operated until the economy fell during The Great Recession.

Aaron was not down long as he was able to purchase a garbage service company and grew the company from a customer base of a few hundred to thousands.  The company mostly serviced 55+ communities in Marion county, and many commercial accounts throughout surrounding counties. Aaron sold his waste company to a competing business Marion county due to insurance reasons.  His next adventure was to put the family name on Licciardello Stucco Services of Ocala. With a solid business sense, he immediately grew and increased productivity to seven homes every eight days, consistently, until he sold it in 2019. Aaron sold Licciardello Stucco Services of Ocala in order to be able to put 100% of his time into servicing America's people and run for Congress.


Aaron has a unique & clear understanding of the many concerns facing the 11th District residents, from The Villages to southern Ocala, Bushnell, and Spring Hill. Aaron Licciardello is passionate about representing you and looking forward to serving you!

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

-Abraham Lincoln